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Decision Automation to Transform User Experience and Streamline Operations

Corticon provides a simplified user experience for IT and business experts to manage their complex digital decisions outside of the application—without coding.


The Value of Digital Decisioning

Progress Corticon enables a streamlined digital experience by allowing your business to automate complex digital decisions – without having to code.


Personalize the experience for individual customers to best meet their needs. For example, a healthcare organization can use Corticon to automate a customer's application for healthcare benefits or to help customize their diet plan after a cardiac event. By personalizing your customer’s experience, you streamline their path through the information and options available.


Improve the accuracy and speed of benefits eligibility and delivery for your customers. For example, a mortgage company can use Corticon to determine the programs and rates a customer qualifies for. Whether it’s healthcare, banking, state benefits – Corticon assists you in keeping up with rapidly changing eligibility.


Manage risk, prove regulatory compliance, and build trust and confidence in your automated processes. For example, a state agency can automate the permitting process for commercial development to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Knowing why a permit was approved or denied is essential for the applicant to know the process is fair and how their application may need to be changed to be approved.

Why Choose Corticon

Easy to use, powerful and accurate, Progress Corticon tames the complex rules that manage your business without user, performance, platform or language limitations. Strengthen your apps, keep pace with change and support the organization through automated decision management.

  • Easy to use

    Empower the business while liberating IT for more pressing tasks. An intuitive interface and spreadsheet-style modeling tools let business staff manage sophisticated rules without having to code.

  • Powerful

    Get millisecond response times and scale across millions of transactions per day. The Design-Time-Inferencing™ (DeTI) algorithm built into Corticon scales the organization linearly as the number of rules increases.

  • Accurate

    The Corticon rule integrity feature and onboard diagnostics mean “no fear” automation. Test new rules to ensure accurate results and pinpoint conflicts before they become headaches.

Corticon at Work

No matter what your industry or goals, the underpinnings of your customer experience depend on your processes. Make sure they’re sound with help from Corticon. It’s more than business rules software. It’s strategic technology that complements your existing application investment and frees your people to focus on the bottom line by promoting collaboration across organizations.


Financial Services

Create a nimble decision-making process for fraud protection, loan approvals, ecommerce and more



Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming manual methods for compliance, policies and patient care



Speed routine tasks like policy underwriting and claims processing independently of their applications


Public Sector

Streamline and accelerate policy implementation, ensure accurate eligibility and delivery of benefits, consolidate redundant tasks, and guard against fraud


Any Organization

Rev up your business no matter what it is by putting business logic into the hands of those who know the business best: your people


Success Stories


Insurance holding company automates its 401K business support system with Corticon

Find out how Cigna increased the accuracy and timeliness of claim intake routing; reduced maintenance and support; increased agility to respond to business and regulatory change.

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Insurance holding company automates its 401K business support system with Corticon

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Through the Partner+ program, Progress is your trusted advisor throughout the business cycle. For ISVs, SIs and Resellers, adding Corticon to your portfolio can enable agility and flexibility in your offerings by rapidly customizing business logic, plus bring those capabilities to market faster. Differentiate yourself, boost your revenue and increase end user value by simplifying and streamlining their business decision management processes.


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